Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address Blog
Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address
EVOLVED SELF PUBLISHING: Reading “On the Origin of Species...” in my mid teens gave me a lifelong concern for evolution as the source of meaning, and led me to study biochemistry at University College London. In my 50’s I began writing the series of books exploring the meaning of evolution, now published under the imprint “Evolved Self Publishing.” In the course of writing these books I lost my belief in natural selection and the Modern Synthesis and, in all but the first of my books, “Father...”, I became critical of neo-Darwinism and began featuring a new theory of evolution, along the lines proposed by Samuel Butler. EVOLVEDSELF.COM. The associated website. TAKEONDARWIN.COM. Resources to help students of the humanities come up with new theories of evolution. PLAY: 90-minute play about my ideas in the form of a dialogue between Charles Darwin and Galileo, that I offer to perform for regional university student philosophy groups, or actually anyone at all! It is titled “What it means we evolved: dialogue between Darwin and Galileo.” I play both roles, dressed as Darwin. DARWIN IMPERSONATION: Two 20-minute presentations, in which I, as Charles Darwin, channel Galileo to question everything we think we know about how we evolved. Sound recordings: How We Evolved, One How We Evolved, Two