Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address Blog
Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address
ABOUT TAKEONDARWIN: Finding no way to reach people through my books on evolution I turned to the web and in November 2009 launched to encourage non-scientists to come up with new theories of evolution. The site is designed to feel like a classical non-fiction trade book, navigated through contents pages. It was set up in Joomla, with the help of Gary Mort. Traffic remains low, and the site has done nothing to bring attention my my books. So now I am turning to solo performance of a Darwin-Galileo dialogue to draw attention to the takeondarwin website. I do see something of a self- defeating cycle in having to keep creating new vehicles to promote the previous one that failed to work, but I feel driven to challenge Darwinism any way I can. In the section “Critiques of Darwinism” I include extracts or reviews from works by the likes of Gertrude Himmelfarb, John Maynard Smith, and Gordon Rattray Taylor. Submissions are invited. In the section “The Contrarian Evolutionist” I am compiling a set of essays pointing out flaws in the Modern Synthesis. A good summary of the point of view of the site is “Glossary,” under “Resources.” I continue to look for the elevator pitch that could adequately express my disatisfaction with Drawinism, but so far it has eluded me. It I like trying to justify a phobia to someone who does not suffer from it.