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Keypointer design format
In the late 1970s, while editor/designer of technical information for medical professionals, I explored how to predigest information for rapid assimilation. It involved abstracting out a central summary that everyone could quickly scan, with keywords in that summary linking out to more detailed blocks of information to the side--see the illustrations below.. In theory this format could extend out sideways infinitely to store an enormous amount of information, that each reader could quickly navigate to get just the information he or she needed. My experiments cultimated with a commission for a design for sales flyers for pharmaceutical salespeople, that my client dubbed the “Keypointer.” That is what I show below. I came up with this pre-Internet, yet I think it still improves on the Web for quick assimilation of detailed information because the eye can scan a such a page far more quickly than a succession of web pages. Also, it helps keeps a focus on a central narrative, retaining a sense of each block of information’s importance to and relationship to that narrative. The ideal medium for display of this format could be a large high-resolution computer screen acting as a window onto something expressed in this format extended out in all four directions from the center of the summary.