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August, 2014. I’m embarking on being a ventriloquist, as yet another way to spread my “evolvedself” message. Select “Evolved Self” books, media” from the menu at left and then the ventriloquism pages. Spring, 2014. I post new art at deviantart. There I also sell a calendar of my photoshopped twig pictures--go here, select “Art Gifts” button top right, and “Calendar” to see and buy. Note links below the cover pic to each month’s image. September 30, 2013. I’ve broken out a portraits page from the paintings page, since portraits is my main activity now, and I loaded two new portraits, actually treatments for a simple feature-diagram. You have to see it to believe it. Here. September 28, 2013. An 8-minute video trailer for my play is posted on youtube. The home page now features the play, including new sound recordings, and the script. September 2013. New section, skull-portrait combo paintings. The idea is to show how much our likeness depends on our skulls. With the Garbo portrait the technique is well-developed. I plan to paint a few dozen portraits like this, as this winter’s project, which together will I think make the point interestingly. March 4, 2013. Minor addition made to ideas for gun control: limit gun ownership to guns available when the constitution was composed. More paintings added under “Artwork.” New book under way, under “Evolved Self books.” February 6, 2013 New menu-item “Inventions/predictions” where I record predictions I expect to be credited with forecasting when they come true. Plenty recently in the blog, mainly about developments in my art media.