Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address Blog
Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address
STORIES: Cat Futures. A parody on futures in commodities markets. A couple of stock traders explore giving market value to the best things of life. I had the idea while wakening to stock market reports and having one of my cats jump on my bed. DOCX. PDF. The Turing test. Are you sure you could tell the difference between a person and a computer program? It might be harder than you’d imagine. DOCX. PDF. Art of darkness. Comparison of how a physicist and a zoologist would navigate in pitch darkness, in this case a lake-filled cave they have to cross. Tip: the zoologist beats out the rational physicist by borrowing ideas from living creatures. DOCX. PDF. Natural selection as creation. Someone has signed a contract with God to take over from Him as creator, using natural selection and mutation. Then they call in an evolutionist to fulfill the contract them for them. Shouldn't be hard, right? Turns out, he's not pleased! DOCX. PDF. Faith in numbers. I wrote this brief story in my teens to help me come to terms with minus numbers and the square root of minus one. DOCX. PDF.
POEM: Creation of Eve: Written when I was 18, my only poem. Now I see it as an expression of my expectation that present meaning would lie in an account of our origins. DOCX, PDF.
MY WRITING: I have been a professional medical and science writer, but the writing included here will be my non-professional efforts, in fields not covered in the other sections of this site. I have written and published two novels, under my “Evolved Self Publishing” imprint. But I read little fiction, and have little familiarity with its conventions. My writing is primarily about ideas. My stories are usually mere vehicles for my interest in theories of evolution.