Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address
In 2013 I will be 74. By education, upbringing and nationality I am British. I am fit and vigorous. I live in the mid Hudson Valley, with destinations in NYC easily available for occasional visits by bus and train. I am looking for new enterprises to exploit the resources listed below: INTELLECTUAL QUALITIES. I am intellectual by temperament. I am a generalist--note the range of items in this site’s menu. I have a leaning towards biology--I studied for a 3-year BSc degree program in biochemistry at University College London-- and communications (I researched and wrote five chapters for a book on the history of conversation). I readily think outside the box--see menu- item “Inventions.” WRITER. I was for six years an inhouse editor-designer-writer for continuing medical education programs for physicians. I have since written five books on evolutionary theory. I write for my web sites. PRINT AND WEB PUBLISHING. My first career was as an advertising and book designer in book publishing. I publish the books I write on evolutionary theory under the imprint “Evolved Self Pubishing” (see under menu-item “Evolved Self”). Since 1994 I have been a web publisher (see first menu-item). I can manage all aspects of web publishing: the writing, design, photography, programming (php/MySQL) and hosting. For site design and maintenance I now use Xara Pro Designer. GRAPHIC DESIGN. Though I had no training in design my first career was as a graphic designer in book publishing. This I have since applied to the Web (see the family of web guides). MISSION RE EVOLUTION. When I set out to write a utopian novel on evolutionary theory in 1992 I had been a life-long Darwinist. But writing introduced doubts. Since then I have come to see Darwinism as an obstacle to finding new meaning in our origin in evolution. I have assumed the mission of exploring alternatives, along the lines of Lamarckism. This I explore through my website and my books. The mission of the Take On Darwin website is to encourage humanities students to find new possibilities in our having evolved. SOLO PERFORMANCE--DIALOGUE ON EVOLUTION. I have written and am ready to perform an hour-long play “What it Means We Evolved: a Dialogue Between Darwin and Galileo.” I offer to perform it dressed as Darwin, playing both roles, for humanist groups, philosophy discussion groups, and student groups in or around NYC and the mid Hudson Valley. I also offer the script free for performance by student groups. Script is here.