Shaun Johnston British, now living in Hudson Valley NY Email address
Ventriloquism I have composed a performance with two dummies, both representing me, one when I was 30, Sonny, the other of me as an even older man, “Granddad.” Sonny represents science, physicalism, and natural selection, Granddad represents a mind-matter dualism and a jaundiced opinion of “Darwinism.” By dialoguing with them, and letting my audience ask them questions, I hope to create a more efficient channel for communicating my anti-Darwin message. Both heads are about my head-scale. I began script writing end of July 2014, had dummies finished and video posted, and first booking, by Christmas.
Intended audiences are college students. First I will try local colleges. Even before that I intend to practice on humanist and MeetUp groups in the mid Hudson and NYC areas. My script runs around 30 minutes, but with discussion that can go up to 2 hours. I have early draft of more material that would make a longer, second or subsequent session. For latest video of dummies in operation search on youtube for “Thinklikeadummy”. Here for how I made the dummies.